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Remodeling service unit – 24FIX

Remodeling service unit – 24FIX

24FIX Service was usual in access to the needs of assist occurring to beauty salons, Centers for body shaping, Studios Tanning and medical practices to solve profound problems of equipment supplied in a professional publication and at a time as rapid subsequent to a low impact the order of customers and more issue.

We are a team of very endorsed technicians all year specialize in the latest technologies.
We have on peak of 35 years experience in the complex pitch and detached than 14 years in esthetic and medical.
We use indigenous parts or after alleviate the best feel for a guarantee of liveliness.
We are always taking place to date technologies launched worldwide due to planned partnerships when leading manufacturers and distributors.

Our features –

Defective equipment can confidently agree our team of professionals. To become more data click here foster aparat remodelare

Specialized Technicians – For the full range of professional equipment in the sports ground of Aesthetic and Medical Imfrumusetare our team comes taking into account puzzling solutions which guarantee agreement of any issues.
24/7 Service – If you are in an emergency issue foster, stay linistiti.Noi meet the expense of assistance 24 / 7.Oricand call will we be easily reached at your location or ours.
Prices Fair – We realize on peak of a regular serve, we check in the smallest detail from electrical and mechanical to ensure you realize not lose child maintenance as soon as the device locked.


I have a anomaly equipment. What should I reach?

If your product is defective, we pay for the once solutions: you can bring it to our office, located at: Point Local str. Gheorghe Titeica no.52, Bucharest sect.2 You may entertain out the form found upon the homepage of the calm site acquis. After filing the application and its acclaim by an operator 24FIX, you will reach a call from the courier company to lift product. Bulky equipment or require special disassembly can repair at residence or picked taking place by the team of deliveries. After filing the demand upon the site, you will be contacted by an operator to program.

How long a product warranty repair 24 FIX?

If your product meets both deviation glue in 24FIX elongated warranty grow obsolete may be together in the middle of 1-15 days.

My equipment is in warranty era of local supplier. What documents are required for repair?

Product warranty repair essential documents are: copy invoice, tax receipt or copy of the arrangement; The guarantee recognize (indigenous). Appliances warranty provider can solve by 24FIX if the dealer where you purchased the equipment has a abet concurrence subsequently 24FIX.

Mission –

Our mission is to manage to pay for a inflexible package of facilities and products to the highest professional standards in the auditorium of aesthetic and medical. You will be satisfied gone our influence ahead knowing that we follow each and every one one the valuable steps to arrive to to your liking and meeting the needs of our customers through an simulation executed properly. To buy complement facts click the join support combina cosmetica