Know More About Viorel Badea

Know More About Viorel Badea

Viorel Badea was born in Craiova. He grew and  enjoyed his relatives and friends in a time in which, so to say Marin Sorescu, life was more leisurely and personal. He wasan extrovert type (sometimes exaggerated), like the simplicity and detest hypocrisy. They are baptized in the Christian religion and I am grateful to God for all that I have been filled. He respect his parents, helped his friends, ignored his non-friends and turn slowly, slowly toward eternity. And however blessed with the chance of life, my family. To become more data click here Viorel Badea
It was only in high school ( “Elena Cuza” University of Craiova) he ambition and driven by curiosity “to emigrate otzara” And won the National Olympiad in Latin (sic) and Also attended the International Olympics Latin in Arpino (Italy) . Then, Faculty of Letters in Bucharest Students’ League – University Square, “Down with Iliescu!”, “Down with Roman.” At that time he met Father Constantin Voicescu, who brought him from darkness to light.
About His Professional Experience –
2008 – Present – Senator Romanian Parliament, Commission Vice Abroad Constituency 43 Romanians everywhere Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Spain Friendship Group Vice President of the Italian Republic Group Vice President of Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Iraq Member of the friendship Group with Albania.
2008 – President of the Chamber of Commerce Romania – Serbia
2008 – Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest
2004-2006 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department for Relations with Romanians Abroad Advisor
2000 – Chairman of the Joint Commission of the Romanian – Hungarian minority issues
2001-2004 – Romanian Government, Department for Romanians Abroad Advisor
1999-2000 – Romanian Government, Department for Relations with Romanians Abroad (DRRH), Secretary of State
1998 – Romanian Parliament, Chamber of Deputies Commission for Culture, Arts and Media parliamentary expert
1995-1997 – Consorzio Progetto Lazio 92 (Geumacs Consulting), Senior Consultant in Business
1994-1995 – School no. 80, Bucharest, teacher lb. Italian.

Institutions Life – First he was a professor of Italian at School 80 in the capital. Then the financial blessed because he have done business consulting for companies in Italy and in parallel worked on Culture and Religious Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. Debut in politics was in 1999, when, without being part of any political party, was asked to coordinate government policies for Romanians everywhere. That was the Romans created the first department in the world. To get additional facts click the link PNL Diaspora


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